Sunday, January 23, 2011

EVENT: Paul Faraday & Haley Walsh

PAUL FARADAY (The Straight Shooter) & HALEY WALSH (Foxe Tail)
Free and open to the public

Gay Mystery 101: Two gay mystery authors take the genre back to school in a special event at A Different Light.

Paul Faraday, The Straight Shooter:
Fresh from a summer on the beach, West Hollywood Junior Collegiate, Nate Dainty is armed with a syllabus and a hidden agenda: to meet adult film sensation and (somewhat less) dedicated calculus student, Myles Long. Myles returns Our Red-Haired Amateur Sleuth’s desire, but before their big scene, the Paragon of Porn is snatched out from under Nate by masked men in a van in a parking lot! With the help of his good pals, Beso Tangelo and Jorge Ramirez, Nate tackles the case. Soon, life as Nate and his gay friends know it takes a dangerous turn—first into the Valley (!!) and then into a bathhouse (!!!) Who holds the secret to Myles Long’s kidnapping? A jealous roommate, an aging houseboy, or a drag queen with a weakness for Vodka Martinis? The fearless and nubile Nate Dainty takes on the list of suspects with charm, willingness to disrobe, and a disarming ability that only West Hollywood’s favorite amateur detective could muster!

Haley Walsh, Foxe Tail:
This romantic mystery series follows the teaching and unwitting sleuthing career of Skyler Foxe, high school English teacher. Being gay in the most redneck county of southern California doesn’t help matters, especially when his orientation needs to be kept a secret. But that’s not the only secret he encounters. In the first novel FOXE TAIL, Skyler’s principal’s son ends up dead outside a new dance club. Does it have to do with the fact that he’s gay, or is there something more sinister afoot? Skyler and his cadre of off-the-wall but well-meaning friends—Jamie, the high-spirited webpage designer; Philip, the straight-looking coffee house owner; Rodolfo, the Latin American queen who looks like Antonio Banderas; and Skyler’s best friend Sidney, the straight female detective—join forces to find a killer. But what does this murder have to do with the shady goings on in the background of James Polk High?

Tuesday, February 8 @ 7:30pm
PAUL FARADAY (The Straight Shooter) & HALEY WALSH (Foxe Tail)
Free and open to the public

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